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Holmes Approved Homes

We’re super excited to formally announce today that Mike Holmes – contractor, TV personality, and one of North America’s most trusted names in construction – has chosen Prestige Homes to be the EXCLUSIVE Holmes Approved Homes modular builder in Atlantic Canada and Maine! 

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What is the Holmes Approved Homes program?

In a nutshell, the Holmes Approved Homes program is a hand-picked network of builders (site builders, renovators, and modular home factories) that meet Mike’s high standards for construction and that he can confidently recommend to others for construction projects across North America. 

The story goes like this… As Mike’s fame grew and the trust he built with his viewers skyrocketed, he would regularly get stopped in his travels and asked to help homeowners with a reno gone wrong, or to build a new house. His schedule (and location of his crew) simply couldn’t accommodate the quantity of requests he received. 

The next question was typically, “can you recommend anyone in my area?” 

That’s where the idea for the Holmes Approved Homes program began. He wanted to help, but knew he obviously couldn’t personally help everyone who needed it. What he could do, however, is compile a list of builders he trusts and that he could recommend. 

So he set out to find the best builders in North America. Builders who do things right. Builders who go beyond minimum code requirements.

Now when someone asks him for help, he has a network of builders that he and his team have vetted. Builders who he trusts and chose because they build homes right. 

Here’s a short video from Mike himself explaining the program:

Holmes Approved Homes - Prestige Homes

The Selection Process

One important thing to note here is that builders can’t apply to be part of this program. In other words, you don’t choose to be a Holmes Approved Builder, you are chosen. 

The Holmes team called us and expressed interest in expanding their network in Atlantic Canada and specifically wanted to find a modular home partner – Mike is a big fan of modular construction in case you didn’t know. 

They were very clear from the start that they were meeting with other modular home factories located here in New Brunswick and were planning to set up a tour of the various facilities. They asked if Prestige was interested in being part of the evaluation process – obviously we were. 

While they were here, they evaluated each factory (the products used, the processes, and the finished product). They visited us in Sussex, toured our factory, reviewed a list of products/suppliers we use, scrutinized our standard specifications, and talked to us about how we work.

A few days later we received the call. Mike Holmes wanted us to join his Holmes Approved Homes program and we would be the exclusive modular home factory in Atlantic Canada and Maine! 

Cue the celebration.

Why did he choose Prestige?

We could tell you why we think he chose Prestige Homes over the other modular home factories to join his Holmes Approved Homes program. But we think it sounds better coming directly from Mike.

Click for Video 

What does this mean to you the customer?

The Holmes Approved Homes program should give you extra peace of mind. As mentioned earlier, Prestige didn’t ask to participate – we were chosen to participate because Mike Holmes believes that we build homes the right way. 

While this is fantastic, the program goes much further than just the initial selection process. 

Mike sends his team of inspectors to our factory on a regular basis to ensure we haven’t lowered our building standards and processes. It’s not a one-and-done thing. He keeps a constant watch on what we’re doing in the factory (above and beyond our already stringent in-house 360-point inspection program).

And additionally, we are required to have an independent, 3rd party inspector visit and inspect each modular home we build just before you get the keys. 

The inspector will go through the home (main floor and upper floor if applicable) to do another thorough check to make sure your home has been finished the right way by our local independent retailer/builder. You get a copy of the inspector’s report and a certificate confirming that your home is Holmes Approved (note that mini homes are fully inspected in the factory and so are not inspected on site).

So the program keeps an eye on how we build in the factory and how our local independent builders finish your home after it arrives on site. 


Continuous improvement

Working with the Holmes Approved Homes team, we are connected with a group of other builders across North America. Collaborating with other builders and product suppliers in the program will help us continue to evolve our products and processes to become even better! 

We’re so proud and excited to have been chosen by Mike Holmes (not to mention Mike Jr. and Sherry) to join this program. And we’re also excited for our home owners to have the option to get a home that Mike trusts is built the right way, is energy efficient, and made to last.

For more information on the program visit:

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May 18, 2022