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7 Ways to Plan Your Home – from Home

7 Ways to Plan Your Home – from Home Photo by Max Saeling on Unsplash
By Gareth Mitton

Right now, you might be stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan your next home – whether that be your first property, a smaller spot to downsize into, or a home-for-life that will prove perfect for aging in place. Check out the wealth of content Prestige Homes has available to start planning your home – from home. 

Figure out what you can afford
That has to be the first step in any home-buying situation. Invest a little time upfront to figure out the budget you are working with, and the rest of the process will go that much easier. Where do you start figuring out your finances? Most major banks have useful tools like mortgage and affordability calculators on their websites that are fairly straightforward to use. While Prestige Homes has no specific affiliations with any banks, RBC Royal Bank is a very modular-friendly lender. So, toss aside that abacus and let their tech do a lot of the work for you.

2. Figure out what your current home is worth
If you have a house to sell, you’ll want to do your research on market prices. In Canada, is a great resource. Use their robust search tools to see what similar houses to yours are going for. Remember to take into consideration geographic area, the type and size of house, and the age of the home, as well as any additional features such as garages, finished basements, and upgrades, that can add to the value of the home. Those in Nova Scotia can also look at, while is the place to go for those selling real estate in the U.S.

7 Ways to Plan Your Home – from Home Get planning
Image by Free Photos on Pixabay

3. Get planning
It’s time to start narrowing down your options! A great way to start is by making a list – or two. Note down your must-haves (the style of home, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, location, etc.) and your nice-to-haves (the features you would ideally like to see in your home, but that you would be willing to compromise on). With your lists on hand, go take a look at the many varied models and plans Prestige Homes has to offer. From mini marvels to modular masterpieces, we have a home to fit your needs. Search through mini-home, ranch, cottage, multi-storey, split-entry, Cape Cod, and multi-unit offerings to start getting a picture of your home-to-be – and remember, our models are really just for ideas and to give you a starting point. With Prestige Homes, you can customize any plan to suit your tastes, or design your dream home from scratch.

4. Weigh up your options
When planning your next home, the key is to do your homework and ask lots of questions. What is the difference between a modular home and a home constructed the traditional ‘stick-built’ way, anyway? How do they stack up? Which construction method is better? Like anything, each has its advantages and disadvantages so only you can decide what makes the most sense for you and your family. Grab this free eBook to see how modular and stick-built homes compare in 14 different areas. Should the modular method float your boat, we have lots of resources on our website that allow you to dive deeper. Here are a few to check out:
  • Learn just what our modular homes are made with this free eBook detailing what comes standard in all our homes.
  • See what goes into our mini homes by downloading this free eBook with our mini-home standard specifications.
  • Know who you’re dealing with. Did you know that Prestige Homes has built over 13,000 houses in our 40+ year history? (So, yeah, we’re getting to be pretty good at it.) What homebuilding innovation did we bring to the market? Which small New Brunswick town do we call home? What is ‘modular building’ anyway? Brush up on the basics and get to know us a little better by visiting our ‘about’ page.
  • Delve into downsizing. Feeling like you might have too much house? Are your needs changing, are your kids about to fly the nest, or do you want to leverage the equity in your existing home? Building a smaller home could be the key. Learn all about downsizing by downloading our informative eBook.
  • Learn if building a home is a good investment. In light of current events, you attention may be turning towards the future – a future that now looks a whole lot different for all of us. Perhaps you are giving more thought to what financial choices make the most sense for you and your loved ones. A home is one of the largest investments you can make in your life. This quick 3-minute read will help get you to determine whether a home is a good investment for you.
  • Watch some videos. Forget streaming that latest mini-series – get over to our YouTube page to take in some videos with value to your home planning. You’ll hear our experts explain how Prestige Homes are Built Differently with many added-value extras in all our homes; take in some video testimonials from a few of our many happy customers; and learn a little more about our multitude of models.
  • Let our blog fill your brain. If concise, clear, useful (and at times even humorous) information about building a new home is what you’re after, you could do a lot worse than check out the Prestige Homes blog. Covering topics including the ins and outs of modular building, financing a new home, maintenance tips, functionality in the home, and much more, this is a great place to while away ten minutes – or a couple of hours – brushing up on your homebuilding and home-owning know-how. You’ll even hear from a certain celebrity construction guru. Speaking of which…
7 Ways to Plan Your Home – from Home Meet Mike Holmes

5. Meet Mike Holmes
Yes, you read that right – ‘the’ Mike Holmes has chosen Prestige Homes as his exclusive ‘Holmes Approved Homes’ modular builder in Atlantic Canada and Maine! Hear him talk about what makes Prestige Homes ‘Holmes-worthy’ in this video. And learn more about the ‘Holmes Approved Homes’ program by reading this blog post.

6. Go deeper online
Feel free to explore our website further for more in-depth information about Prestige Homes, modular building, the Holmes Approved Homes program, and much more!

7 Ways to Plan Your Home – from Home Talk to us
Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

7. Talk to us
You have the time right now – so why not get on the phone with one of our experts and hash out some details? Our Prestige Homes sales specialists and independent retailers are happy to talk to you anytime, and answer any questions you may have. Find your local retailer, start some discussions, get some pricing – from home, any time.

We hope you enjoy planning your next home – from home!
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