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How To Make Your Dream Kitchen Reality

How To Make Your Dream Kitchen Reality
They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it is important to be sure that the kitchen in your new house is designed to be both functional and beautiful. Although having to make dozens of design choices may seem overwhelming, with some patience, planning, and expert guidance, your dream kitchen can become a reality. 

Consider your needs
What will your kitchen be used for? Cooking, of course, but what about eating, entertaining, and family time? Do you need a spot for the kids to do homework, or would you like to designate a corner for a home office space? What about pets? Will there be room in the kitchen for their dishes and food storage? When gathering design ideas, magazines, websites, and friends’ homes are a great place to start. Consider making a scrapbook of desirable features and materials so that your vision can be easily communicated.

How To Make Your Dream Kitchen Reality Consult Experts

Consult the experts

With any luck, you’ll only design one kitchen in your lifetime, but professional designers have plenty of practice, as well as all the up-to-date ideas and information. It’s your job to supply the designer with as much information about your wants and needs as you can. (That scrap book will come in handy!) Consulting experts can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure your kitchen functions as it should.

Design to stand the test of time
Kitchen trends come and go, but what’s most important is that that you love your kitchen, now, and 20 years from now. When it comes to large, installed items, consider keeping the lines clean and the materials classic. Accents like door pulls, fabrics, and paint color can be changed up every few years, but replacing that marble-topped, hand-carved island represents a big, expensive undertaking. 

Plan for efficiency
The sink, stove, and refrigerator form what designers call “the kitchen triangle.” The key to an efficient kitchen is to ensure the space in this triangle is between 10 feet (any smaller and you’ll be cramped) and 25 feet (larger and food preparation will be exhausting.) An efficient kitchen also has adequate storage space, counter space, and dedicated space for garbage and recycling.

Let there be light
In a room where you’re handling sharp knives and operating hot burners, good lighting is imperative! Today’s multitude of lighting choices can highlight the beautiful design features of your kitchen, and they can be miniature works of art themselves! Under-cabinet lights are a great addition for making workspaces shadow-free and dimmer switches help create different moods.

Lighting Tips 

Consider some extras
Are you a baker extraordinaire? A double oven would be a lovely bonus in your kitchen, as would a countertop “storage garage” for your mixer. Do you enjoy an aperitif or drink with dinner? You might consider a built-in wine fridge. There are literally hundreds of tools and upgrades available, so look around to see if any suit your lifestyle and finances. 

How To Make Your Dream Kitchen Reality Budget

Work within your budget

It’s easy to dread the “b” word, but the truth is, going over budget can turn a dream kitchen into a nightmare. The key to staying on track is to account for the crucial elements such as floors, cabinets, and countertops first. Set your style priorities, and then brainstorm with your kitchen designer for ways to get the look you want for less.

Money Saving Ideas  

Building a new house represents a big investment of time, money, and emotion, but the pay-off of having a home that’s been designed to fit you and your family is immense. A kitchen that will be enjoyed for years to come is one of the most important elements in the design of your new home.  Don’t be afraid to ask others what they like and don’t like about their kitchens, and don’t be afraid to inject your own personality into the design. Put your heart in it!
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